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Join us at the Let'sGrow conference!

Join us in Pula at Let’sGrow!, a major gathering of technology companies, STEM educators and influencers. Hosted by the ICT Istria Association, the event promises to show what’s latest and best of the ICT in the peninsula which rose to fame in the world of tech as home to the first unicorn of Southeastern Europe. Building on a rich engineering tradition to transform into the next-gen computing powerhouse, it is home to the first high-tech campus in the Adriatic region.

What to expect this Friday? Founders and managers at renowned technology companies will welcome students, engineers, digital nomads, and startup founders to discuss the full potential of the Istria in the future of tech, as well as opportunities for careers and education in STEM. Darko Etinger (PhD) and Nikola Tankovic (PhD) of Pula’s Faculty of Informatics will play a prominent role, as well as the renowned educators like Marin Troselj, given that one of the tracks will cater to teens and students. A special area for youth will be up and running throughout the day, hosting presentations and demos in robotics and STEM.

Don't miss the talks and panel discussions looking into the STEM opportunity, entrepreneurial mindset, and how prominent industries help transform communities. Izabel Jelenic, Leondardo Siladic, Davor Runje, Hajdi Cenan and others will participate in the conference program. And when conferencing and exhibitions come to their close, networking and conversations will continue at the venue’s garden, over music, food, and drinks. You can check the agenda here.


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