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TechTalks: AI fundamentals examined

It was a great evening with Aco Momčilović, Goran Mrvoš (Infosit), Diana Kukić Dasko (Lloyds Digital), Aleksandar Raić (Infobip) and ICT ISTRA president Dean Verbanac (Intersoft Technologies), as they took the floor in a conversation on AI fundamentals, use cases and future prospects. Some 120 people gathered at the Coworking Pula for the occasion.

The audience raised thought-provoking questions, highlighting the need for responsibility when building and using AI tools. Will artificial intelligence help us to be happier and live more fulfilling lives? Certainly, there is potential in removing the burden of repetitive work from people and creating other societal benefits. At the other end are concerns over potential misuse, disruption of workforce and AI getting out of our control.

How artificial intelligence will impact businesses and societies remains a burning question, with no easy answers. Stay tuned for further 2024 TechTalks hosted by ICT Istria Association with partners.


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