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Digital Labin 2022: What's next in digital experiences?

Frontend gurus, design aficionados and code masters will flock to Labin, Croatia later this month, as Digital Labin, one-in-a-kind ICT conference makes its come-back on 23 and 24 September. International in its lineup and scope, while inspired by traditions of the charming town of Labin, it will stage some of the hottest industry talks and unleash the exchange of fresh knowledge on building stunning digital experiences.

The agenda is likely to appeal to developers, UX designers, entrepreneurs and managers alike. Professional workshops promise takeaways that will be both actionable and inspiring. Stage speakers have been carefully selected, as the organizers from the Lloyds Digital agency seek to create a platform where the newest and most useful stuff is shared.

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking - both with the like-minded people and those with entirely different perspectives. Add to that some truly amazing food and a huge party to remember! Read more about this year's agenda, speakers and topics on the Digital Labin website.


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