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  • Luka Sipetic

Bloomsday Croatia to explore creativity and writing

Hosted in Pula, Bloomsday Croatia is a literary festival, dedicated to popularising the life and work of the modernist writer James Joyce, who wrote pieces of his fiction while living in Pula.

Now preparing for its 9th year, Bloomsday Croatia focuses on exploring multiple facets of his masterpiece novel Ulysses (1922), and aims to remove the strict "academic" label from it.

We are proud to share that our very own Klara Tulicic is one of the core members of the event organisation. Panel discussions, literary prizes, public reading and much more is in order - celebrating creativity in writing, and a vision of life and art that Joyce conceived in Ulysses, colossal work of modern literature.

Her Excellency Olive Hempenstall, Ireland’s Ambassador to Croatia is a regular guest and panelist, too.

This year again, the festival seeks to explore Joyce from a specific angle. Focusing on his daughter and her tragic life story, Bloomsday will become a platform for topics such as creativity and (perceived) madness, suppressed feminine perspectives in literature, and many more.

Founded by Igor Jurilj, professor of languages and history, currently based in Istanbul and working on his Phd thesis, Bloomsday is the only festival in this region that gathers scholars and literary enthusiasts with an appreciation for the famous novel.

Festival will, as usual, close with the group reading of Ulysses in the magnificent Roman amphitheatre by the Adriatic sea.

Get in touch if you’d like to meet at Bloomsday Croatia this June 6-7, and discuss what underlies the always-wondrous processes of writing and content creation.


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