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Media at MWC19: Panel with BBC, Reuters, Capacity, Ovum

With Barcelona's Mobile World Congress three months away, companies and media professionals are starting to look at the PR aspect of the show. What could MWC19 bring in terms or media opportunities? How to best place your PR efforts at the show?

This Friday in London, BBC technology reporter Zoe Kleinmann will chair a panel discussion on key topics that media will be covering at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2019. Paul Sandle (Reuters), Julian Bright (Ovum) and James Pearce (Capacity) will participate, sharing their perspective of technology correspondents and analysts familiar with the show.

-The panel aims to offer insight into how to best communicate with influencers covering the show. It will examine the themes for Mobile World Congress 2019 and what key media are likely to focus on, said Matt Humphries, Managing Director at BabelPR which is hosting the event at Covent Garden Hotel.

You can register for the event here.


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