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Media and PR landscape: What does future hold?

Have you engaged in media relations so far? Were you successful in communicating the message you wanted, tuned with your business vision and goals? Were there any surprises along the way?

PR and media landscape has been in a state of constant transformation for the last 2 decades. And there’s no sign of it slowing or stopping. Trends, topics and disruptions mount. Social media, fake news, technology impact, business models, free journalism issues, fragmentation, influencers, paid vs. earned - they challenged the traditional understanding of media, and will likely do it in the future.

With complexity and pace increasing, future course is difficult to predict. That goes for all types of media - regional, social, niche, digital, visual, global. On the other end, businesses are as interested as ever in having their message heard. Using media in making business impacts remains a desired art. Yet, with all the change in media environments, it may not be as straightforward as before.

You might want to improve your public image through media relations. Or reach your target groups with the right message. Or inspire customers to engage with your brand. Either way, there’s a lot for B2B tech companies to hear at this year's Weekend Media Festival.

Do you think your IT business could benefit from media coverage? Or you prefer to avoid it? Are you confident about steps you’re making? Are there critical moments in the process, when you’re not sure what to do?

Get in touch to discuss this at or around Weekend Media Festival! I’ll be attending on Friday and Saturday.


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