• Martina Dodić

Fast-forward to the digital era (cancelled)

Adriatic Business Forum will gather hundreds of European entrepreneurs and C-level executives, as it shapes up into a multifaceted platform that informs leaders on the pressing issues in digitalization and business transformation.

Our understanding of resilience, success, and continuity was shaken when the COVID-19 pandemic hit; societies and companies are treading unknown territories as they carve out their paths to the new normal. Leaders are faced with realities different than anything in their past experiences. The need for peer exchange, discussion, and a broader perspective has emerged as vital.

Hosted with the support of Nordic Business Forum, one of the world's most valuable business and leadership events, Adriatic Business Forum will blend natural beauties of the Adriatic seaside with deep insight and perspectives from people with a proven record in entrepreneurship, management and mentoring. Read more.